OCSPCA Assistance Program

Animal Relief Fund (ARF)

Our ARF Animal Relief Fund assists low-income pet owners with emergency veterinary care and provides low cost spay/neuter assistance for residents of Orange County, California who need to get their pet spayed or neutered.

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

Learn more about why it is important to spay and neuter your pets HERE.

Please note this program is for domestic (family pets) animals ONLY. If you are looking to apply for a feral (community) cat(s), please apply here  OCCATS Program

Through the Animal Relief Fund Program (ARF), the Orange County SPCA issues spay/neuter vouchers for domestic cats, dogs, and rabbits owned by Orange County, CA community members.
We are not able to provide vouchers to Rescue groups or people affiliated with rescues. Abusers of the voucher system will be banned from the program.

There are a limited number of vouchers available each month. We issue 2 vouchers per person and once those are used, more can be requested. We reserve the right to limit the number of vouchers issued to any one household. If you are not low-income, please don’t apply for vouchers – see the list on our resource page for low-cost spay/neuter facilities. Filling out an application does not guarantee a voucher.

The spay/neuter vouchers are good for an uncomplicated spay/neuter procedure. The vouchers do not cover vaccinations, flea medications, pain medications, etc.  You will be responsible for any additional services if you request them or if the veterinarian requires them. We will select an animal hospital that accepts our vouchers that is in or near your city. We are not able to provide vouchers to non-contracted veterinary offices.  If you prefer to use a specific participating animal hospital, please list it on your application. Please check with the animal hospital for their policies, procedures and requirements prior to your appointment.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. If your application is approved, the OCSPCA will mail you a voucher(s) and once you receive it, you can call the animal hospital listed on the voucher to schedule the procedure. Please allow 10-14 days for the processing of your application/voucher.

Please note that vouchers are NON-TRANSFERABLE and must be used by the person it is issued to. It must be used at the animal hospital listed on the voucher. Otherwise, the voucher will be voided and you will be responsible for the bill.

Individuals or groups who provide misleading or false information, misrepresent themselves, or misuse the voucher system or our veterinary partners will be permanently excluded from the program.
We reserve the right to refuse vouchers to anyone.

The OCSPCA will not be held responsible for the care, treatment or any services provided to the animal that is serviced under this contract. The OCSPCA does not guarantee the outcome of services provided and is not responsible for any bills generated other than the spaying/neutering cost of the animal. Voucher holders are responsible for additional charges and co-payments and should check additional costs when appointment is made with veterinarian.

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Financial Assistance for Critical Veterinary Care

When funding allows, the OCSPCA also provides financial assistance to low-income Orange County pet owners, such as the elderly and disabled whose pets need emergency veterinary care. Financial assistance is for emergency, critical care (typically life-threatening) for the pets of low-income, Orange County, CA community members. When we can pledge to pay for vet care, it is a contribution towards an estimated cost of treatment.

In addition to the application, you must submit an estimate from the animal hospital. It is also required that you contact other animal welfare organizations to ask for help. It is possible for you to secure contributions from several different organizations. In most cases, no single organization will cover 100% of the cost for your pet’s urgent care.

If your application is approved, the OCSPCA will pledge to pay a portion (not the total amount) of the estimate for the emergency treatment. A faxed/emailed pledge letter confirming the amount of our contribution will be sent to the vet and they will bill us for that amount. The OCSPCA makes payments directly to the animal hospital.

We do not make contributions towards an outstanding balance for treatment already provided, so please do not apply for a balance due.  We can’t pledge if the balance was paid with a credit card and you are attempting to be reimbursed. We are also unable to pledge in most cases toward chronic (ongoing) treatment and conditions such as diabetes, cancer treatment, Cushings disease, skin conditions, etc. Due to limited funds, we are only able to help once a year per family and we are not able help every case. Please note that we reserve the right to confirm and verify information and to relocate treatment services to one of our contract Hospitals where possible.

Please refer to our “Resource” tab on our website for other animal welfare organizations to contact after submitting your application with us.

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Please remember that the OCSPCA is a local non-profit organization, it is not part of a national charity or government organization and funds come from public donations. At some time in the future as your situation improves, can we count on you to make a donation to help another animal in need?